Kim Clarke

Marketing Specialist

Ready to Grow?

I’m a marketing professional and senior leader with over 13 years of professional experience. I’ve worked in the financial, restaurant, nonprofit and retail industries. I’ve earned my Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Johnson & Wales University and returned to further my education by obtaining a Master of Business Administration. Currently I am attending Southern New Hampshire University pursuing my PhD. in International Business with a concentration is Qualitative Analysis and Operations Management.



Research target market, offers, lead cost and new client cost for profitable campaigns

Content Marketing

Research, coordinate & design content to develop a relationship with prospects via written or video content


Research keywords and backlinks to increase competitiveness and traffic from search engines


Helping get appointments and registrations for live events. 

Live Events

Organize, advertise and manage events at schools and private businesses for seminar or client appreciation


Offering over the shoulder training to help use technology & increase productivity

My Work

After a career spanning over a decade, I’ve helped several companies increase their impact through happy customers. Rather than tell you how great I am, I thought you’d appreciate hearing from the people who I’ve helped the most. 

My Blog
Digital Marketing

How SEO Works

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Lead Generation

What are Funnels

There’s a lot of discussion about what a sales funnel is and why it’s important. In fact, the moment you start looking into a funnel

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